We cordially invite you to an engaging webinar that promises to be the continuation of our previous event, "Meet the MobiSpaces Use Cases: Innovations for Urban and Maritime Domains." Over the past year, MobiSpaces and its use cases have been diligently shaping the landscapes of urban and maritime sectors with pioneering advancements.

In this anticipated follow-up webinar, "Unveiling Progress: Evolution and Trajectories of MobiSpaces Use Cases in Urban and Maritime Innovations" we will delve deep into the concrete and tangible progress achieved by each of our use cases. From leveraging cutting-edge technologies for sustainable urban planning to redefining maritime operations with innovative solutions, the evolution of our use cases is steadily progressing.

Through insightful presentations by our domain experts, you'll gain an exclusive insight into the transformative outcomes that have resulted from dedicated research and collaboration. Beyond that, you'll also be presented to the trajectories these use cases are set to traverse, as they continue to make waves in their respective domains.

This webinar is an exceptional opportunity for you to connect with the pulse of innovation, witness the evolution of ideas into real-world solutions, and be a part of the future narrative that MobiSpaces is scripting.

Join us as we unveil the progress made and futures envisioned by MobiSpaces' use cases. Register now to secure your virtual seat and embark on this enlightening journey with us. Your presence is very appreciated to us as we collectively shape a smarter, more sustainable urban and maritime landscape.


Webinar Agenda

10:30 - 10:35 MobiSpaces project after 1 year lifetime - Matteo Falsetta (GFT) - SLIDES

10:35 - 10:42 iRoute Use Case - Lorenzo Mantero (AMT) - SLIDES

10:42 - 10:49 SmartSense Use Case - Martin Schreivogel (BOSCH) - SLIDES

10:49 - 10:56 MarineTrafficTracker Use Cases - Konstantina Bereta (Kpler) - SLIDES

10:56 - 11:03 VesselEdge Use Cases - Oner Dabi (Frequentis) - SLIDES

11:03 - 11:10 CrowdSeaMapping Use Cases - Niels Bo Nielsen (Danish Geodata Agency) - SLIDES

11:10 - 11:30 Roundtable & Open Discussion 


Unveiling Progress: Evolution and Trajectories of MobiSpaces Use Cases in Urban and Maritime Innovations
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