The MobiSpaces End-User Workshop, "Realising Innovation: Bridging Theory to Impactful Solutions," is scheduled for February 29, 2024, from 10:00 to 12:00 (CET). This event aims to showcase practical outcomes and societal implications of MobiSpaces' distinct project use cases, showing real-time demostrations and engaging discussions.

Attendees will witness live demos of innovative solutions from key use cases, including iRoute, SmartSense, MarineTrafficTracker, CrowdSeaMapping, and VesselEdge. The workshop provides a platform for stakeholders to understand the technical expertise behind these innovations and their transformative potential in real-world scenarios.

The insights gained from the workshop will serve as a starting point for the organization of co-creation workshops for each use case in the coming months.

Join MobiSpaces on its transformative journey, witnessing impactful solutions that bridge theory to reality.

Realising Innovation: Bridging Theory to Impactful Solutions