MobiSpaces joins the Data Week 2023 in Luleå

Data Week 2023 is the spring gathering of the European Big Data and Data-Driven AI research and innovation communities. During the event, the participants share knowledge and results, discuss topics of common interest, find synergies, build new collaborations, and identify new challenges and recommendations.

Data Week links the communities and their results to European policies and market needs and brings European initiatives and activities closer to local communities. Data Week 2023 is co-organised by BDVA and EUHubs4Data project in collaboration with the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). Data Week is the combination of local and regional events organised by the BDVA i-Spaces [i-Spaces] in the framework of the EUHubs4Data project and the main European event. This Data Week’s edition will take place physically at Luleå, Sweden, between 13 – 15 June 2023 with the central theme “Data Meets Infrastructure at the Edge.

MobiSpaces will join the event by participating in the special session "Digital technologies and processes for sustainable and secure data management, use and re-use of data" that will take place on June 13th at 15:30 - 17:00 (CEST). Session organised by the HE projects GLACIATION, MobiSpaces, TANGO, TEADAL and TRUSTEE funded under “Technologies and solutions for compliance, privacy preservation, green and responsible data operations” 2 call. 

This session aims to endorse the digital technologies, methods, architectures and processes implemented by the projects for offering a user-friendly, safe, trustworthy, compliant, fair, transparent, accountable and environmentally sustainable collection, storage, processing, querying, analytics and delivery of data. Within this context, this session will illustrate:

  • how sharing and manipulation of data in compliance with prevailing and emerging legislation (e.g. GDPR) for data processors and data subjects/right holders and other stakeholders should be facilitated,
  • the technologies and solutions which should enable safe and secure data handling, sharing and re-use in the context of common European data spaces in various situations and application areas,
  • the combination of technological and social innovation, technologies and solutions that enable environmentally sustainable data operations as well as technologies and solutions for ensuring human, fair and ethically sound collection, processing and manipulation of data, in line with the principles of responsible/trustworthy AI.

This will be followed by a panel discussion, which will be a roundtable of representatives from the 5  HE Projects (Glaciation, MobiSpaces, Tango, Teadal, Trustee) that will be able to elaborate on their work from several perspectives, including technical, governance, operational aspects.

More info on the programme and the overall event are available here.