The European Commission has presented five legislative proposals to modernise EU rules on maritime safety and improve the preventative actions being undertaken to reduce water pollution from ships.

The package of proposals includes:

  • Clear requirements for flag State inspections, based on international rules, as well as specific EMSA trainings for national administrations to enhance the controls that Member State authorities have over their fleets. 
  • Port State control will be extended to cover additional international rules, such as new Conventions on ballast water and sediments and removal of wrecks. The proposal also updates the way ships are targeted for inspection, to reflect new requirements and will attach more importance to the environmental related performance and deficiencies of ships, in determining their risk profile. 
  • The scope for Port State control and accident investigation will be extended for fishing vessels, where significant safety concerns persist. 
  • National accident investigation bodies will receive further support from EMSA.

Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean said: "Our high maritime safety standards have prevented major accidents in recent years. Yet we must not be complacent. We need to stay on top of new challenges and make best use of latest technologies. Today’s package of proposals reflects latest global developments, ensures Member States are properly equipped to carry out inspections, drawing on EMSA’s expertise, and promotes digitalisation as a mean to increase efficiency and information sharing between administrations."

Read more about the proposals here.