This Mobispaces Webinar brought together five innovative projects with the common goal to push boundaries in their respective fields. These projects - MobiSpaces, GreenDatai, Waterverse, Stelar, and Emeralds - are all working towards the creation of new technologies, promoting sustainability, and shaping policy decisions. Through this open discussion, we delved into their unique perspectives and explored their long-term visions. Watch now for an engaging conversation and discover the fascinating work that these projects are undertaking to make a positive impact on our world.

Webinar Agenda

  1. 14:30 - 14:35 General introduction about the role AI services in data management platforms 
  2. 14:35 - 14:40 A data governance platform for Mobility - Introduction of MobiSpaces - Matteo Falsetta (EU Project Manager at GFT Italia Srl)
  3. 14:40 - 14:45 Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Data Analytics Services - Introduction of Green.Dat.AI - Dimitrios Alevras (Project Manager at inLecom)
  4. 14:45 - 14:50 Application of AI for water data management - Introduction Waterverse - Gerasimos Antzoulatos (Senior Research Associate at Multimodal Data Fusion & Analytics Group)
  5. 14:50 - 14:55 AI-ready data in smart agriculture and food safety - Introduction STELAR - Dimitris Skoutas (Principal Researcher at IMSI, ATHENA RC)
  6. 14:55 - 15:00 Mobility Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) - Introduction EMERALDS - Yannis Theodoridis (Professor at University of Piraeus)
  7. 15:00 - 15:30 Open discussion among projects about: 
    1. Innovative technologies 
    2. Ethical considerations 
    3. Sustainable practices 
    4. Long-term vision
Novels from data management universe
Date range
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