Genova Smart Week will be held between the 25th November to the 1st of December 2023. The stimulating AI4PP workshop will be held during the event, this will be a congregation of stakeholders from the private and public sector exploring the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy. Among the esteemed contributors, the MobiSpaces project will present its innovative AI solutions for a sustainable mobility in urban and maritime domains.

The AI4PP workshop, an integral part of Genova Smart Week, provides a platform for deep dives into AI's potential within public policy. Conversations will revolve around leveraging AI's capabilities to address societal challenges and shape more responsive, data-driven policy frameworks.

MobiSpaces will take centre stage at this high-profile event, showcasing its cutting-edge initiatives that harness AI's power to redefine public policy paradigms. In particular MobiSpaces will present the AMT use case, iRoute, that will showcase the results of the application of a predictive maintenance system in a fleet of electric buses.  

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(The event was in Italian)


Moderator: Alessandra Risso, Municipality of Genoa

14:00 Welcome and start of proceedings

14:15 Artificial Intelligence for the development of data-driven public policies focused on citizens

  • The AI4PublicPolicy project (GFT)
  • The pilot in Athens: Optimisation of parking and maintenance in the city of Athens (DAEM)
  • The pilot in Nicosia: Improving mobility and accessibility for the elderly and disabled in the city of Nicosia (Municipality of Nicosia)
  • The pilot in Genoa: Reducing incidents involving vulnerable individuals in the city of Genoa (Municipality of Genoa)
  • Q&A
  • Demo on the Genoa pilot (GFT)
  • Co-creation: Policy KPIs, Policy dashboards, Policy surveys

15:45 Coffee break

16:05 Artificial Intelligence for smart and sustainable mobility in maritime and urban areas

  • The Mobispaces project (GFT)
  • Predictive maintenance for electric vehicles (AMT)
  • Q&A

16:25 Technology and road safety: AMT's experience in the 5G project (AMT)

16:30 Co-creation: Artificial intelligence in the service of the city and its citizens: results and perspectives

17:15 The future of artificial intelligence in the HumAIne project: Generative AI, human-AI collaboration, and regulation (AI Act) (GFT)

17:20 Final Q&A and conclusion of proceedings


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(The event was in Italian)

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