The Data Governance Act entered into application on 24 September 2023. The Regulation creates a new European way of data governance based on increasing trust in data sharing.

It aims to create a safe environment for sharing data across sectors and Member States to benefit society and the economy. The Data Governance Act also allows novel data intermediaries to act as trustworthy actors in the data economy. Entities engaging in data altruism can register voluntarily as data altruism organisations. This will provide maximum trust with minimum administrative burden. The rules related to data altruism will help individuals and companies to donate data in a safe and trustworthy way in order to contribute to wider societal goals such as fighting a pandemic. The reuse of public sector data that cannot be made available as open data will also be enhanced. All of these tools will increase data flows, thereby supporting the development of common European data spaces, such as manufacturing, cultural heritage, agriculture and health.

The Regulation also establishes the European Data Innovation Board. It will issue guidelines on the development of common European data spaces and will identify standards and interoperability requirements for cross-sector data sharing.

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Data Governance Act